A Tip to a Drunkard

We have all been intoxicated by various beliefs,
but when we finally begin to sober up a little
it dawns on us that all beliefs are useless.
That sober state is not grim, nor does it
accept or reject the intimate instructions
of well-meaning preachers who take their cue
from the borrowed beliefs they yet may cherish.
Some drunks travel from one saloon to the next
seeking out that sublimely exceptional elixir, the one
they believe will finally resolve their sorry search
and confirm their ambiguous existence.
I’ll say speak no ill of them, we all have our thirsts,
we all have sought that welcoming tavern where
we can relax on our bar stool and simply exhale.
I heard somewhere of a great battle being waged
between the head and heart, but now I know
what a waste of time and energy that is.
Leave the mind and body alone, quit acting
like an army engaged in perpetual war with itself.
Without clinging to a position, whose side are you on?
Without relying on beliefs, what will you fight over?
Could it actually be that simple —
to just raise the white flag and surrender?
We imagine that without our beliefs we’ll stand naked,
but what’s so bad about our original innocence?
Wouldn’t it be exhilarating to strip off that clumsy costume
of second-hand notions and at last run as free as the wind?

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