Liquid Sky

Numberless views — none of them wrong,
none endure. We each carry our own world
with us. The shape of water — it changes
in the time it takes to turn our gaze
from right to left, left to right.

Between left and right is a vast liquid space,
a measureless ocean swarming with countless atoms.
Each atom emits a tiny glorious music. I seem to be
a lone human being, but really, I am indefinable,
awash in that surging atomic symphony,
one vibrating harmony rippling out
in every direction, every direction
source and destination both.

Now we are ready, we open this portal
of ourselves to receive ourselves, it is simple,
it is awesome, the language we share across
the veils that seem to separate dimensions
creates a vulnerable responsiveness
until all veils drop away.

What remains — everything just as it is.
This immaculate presence prevails.
Naming is futile, grasping futile,
I tear up my words — confetti
to amuse the chirping birds.

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