When mind moves,
this universe appears
filled with light and sound.
Then when mind goes silent,
not a trace of it can be found.
Just as with a mirror
and its reflection, so too
are you and I and everything
appearing in the clear light of mind
as the mind’s own thought projections.
What a magical sights,
what pure delights!
Some might say
this light is Love, though
if I can be blunt: Love burns!
This is the great testimony to nobody,
a manifesto flickering on an empty screen,
seen and unseen at last come clean, known and
unknown with no gap between, no space to stick
a meaning, the utter dissolving of dreaming
in the unquenchable fire of Love’s desire.
Here! Here!
Here’s to the wisdom beyond compare:
nobody there, nobody here, everyone everywhere
perfectly aware, at peace, at cease, at play
in the fleece, asleep in the deep — still
beware, it’s steep, a white hot
leap, a fire-fed streak
out of nothing to
Out of nowhere we appear,
already destined to disappear,
fully dressed to do our very best
at putting to rest the ache at the heart
of the Love God’s yearning, the one
that keeps the Big Wheel turning,
who never stops saying,
“I want burning!”
Just so, let’s burn it all –
all of our reluctance, our resistance,
our greed, envy, ignorance, and hate.
As long as we cling to names and forms,
to hope and fear, to far and near,
there’s fuel we can incinerate.
Let’s do it now –
why hesitate?

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