Those who see, say little,
content to mirror all creation,
yet since I’m speaking with nobody,
I suppose I might as well relax a while
and enjoy this one-way conversation!
We tend to believe
there’s something in life
which is always in need of changing,
but beliefs themselves will also change,
perhaps collapsing in a heap of themselves,
or branching off like limbs of trees
stretched out in all directions.
Moment to moment, everything
departs and returns to itself.
Everything glides, giddily, to the edge
of a waterfall, pauses, then pours ecstatically
over and through and into itself!
That’s the miracle of water!
It’s been said that a great turning wheel
is spinning us round and round, but
we are not what’s really spun –
change is the play of what never changes,
its way of having a little fun!
When all our many notions about it
are released at last, truth will penetrate
the clouds and shine just like the sun.
At such a time we may
suddenly laugh out loud:
“I’m the one I’ve been looking for,
the one from whom I’ve run!”
Then life will lift off
from a branch of itself, discarding
the dry cocoon of the past, and in a flight
of breathless sighs, soar aloft through boundless skies!

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