Dunes at Tiger Creek

White crane aloft in clearing skies –
this way is not the path of saints, yet
it certainly does not preclude them.
Stepping over the fallen torso
of a mammoth pine, completely uprooted,
we pause to enjoy a view of the plain:
emerald carpet right down to the ocean,
glistening alive after spring’s night rain!
Approaching the dunes at Tiger Creek,
near the short shore slipping out to sea,
Brightbush Heather from the Sunflower Clan
cavorts with Lupine from the family of Pea.
Garland Fern and Cobweb Thistle,
Sticky Monkey Bloom and prime Paintbrush,
bleached beach Sagewort and Morning Glory,
Dandelion, Deerweed, dune dross and Gilia –
all blossoming players making the scene.
Strawberry twining in Yellow Verbena,
Tansy, Toyon, Buckwheat and beach scree
frame fluttering flocks of green-garbed parrots,
chanting avian sutras from tree to tree!
Nature and self are not separate, not two,
but colluding energies of one display.
Landscape provides the forms and shapes,
mind plays along by making up names
and birthing poems like this today.
All worlds and words are one
swirling energy, one light, illuminating
this turning page with names and scenes,
describing a radiance that cannot be spoken,
cannot be written, but only appreciated
as one empty mirror facing another,
with nothing but fresh air
reflected between.

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