No matter where they’ve strayed during the day,
the local birds all return home here at dusk
to nestle in the abundant Cherry Laurels.
Just so, we might wonder how will it be
for us when we finally return to Tao.
Regardless of where we may have wandered
in our sleepy night-time dreaming, when we awake
in the morning, we find we’ve never left our own bed.
All well and good, but let’s step back for a moment
and admire these miraculous bodies, these ingenious
vehicles with not one, but five vital astonishing senses.
When we try to say something meaningful or profound
about these amazing powers, we merely end up
painting pants on birds or wings on clouds.
Imagine: just seeing when we see, tasting when we taste,
hearing when we hear, smelling when we smell,
just touching when we touch.
Imagine that being enough — nothing to add, nothing
to subtract, nothing to elucidate, nothing to debate!
No need to drone on and on with dry and abstruse dharma —
just pluck a ripe and ready fruit, let the sweet juice trickle
down your chin — the perfect explanation is your grin!

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