Feeling It

So that it can fully experience itself,
appreciate and enjoy itself, life
grants a loving gift to itself:
the gift of the five senses.
Now, without hesitation,
let’s open up all of our cells,
let’s liberate every bodily molecule,
awaken and let our senses unfold
like fragrant floral petals.
We needn’t hold back, or wait
for a more auspicious time.
Life can only happen here,
not in the past or future.
Let’s open more than our mind,
more than even our heart –
let’s open our entire miracle body,
every glorious euphoric atom of it!
In this very moment, let’s expand
in all directions to infinity and beyond.
Couldn’t it be we are meant just for that?
Why limit ourselves to the cage of the known,
when our true being is boundless?
Our inheritance is open-ended –
contraction, fixation, why bother?
Let’s cut through all solidity
and break the chain of causality!
We’ll leave a trail of stars in our wake,
and galaxies spinning like carnival wheels!
Why turn away the gifts of life —
we’ve arrived at this table to taste,
to listen and smell, to see and touch.
Our resistance only postpones life’s call,
our reluctance keeps us fearful and small.
Whether or not we triumph or fail,
let’s break the trance and feel it all!

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