Getting Free of the Trap

First of all, stop trying.
The one who wants to get free
is the trap itself, the illusion itself.
Sitting still and clear in the midst of it
without the effort of trying to figure it out
or change the experience of this moment
into whatever we think it should be,
something unexpected happens.
Keep breathing, it is all OK.
Whatever it is, it is a gift.
Turn nothing away,
receive it all.
Feel it,
however it comes —
some sorrow, pain, heart hurt —
it is all just for you.
Isn’t it a miracle that we can feel?
That we can experience?
How amazing to contemplate:
that emptiness can give birth
to all of this, and then can
feel it so fiercely!
What a wonder!
But don’t hold on,
cling to nothing.
Bow in thanks,
then let it go.

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