Giving and Receiving

It’s not difficult to enjoy this gift of life
if we give up trying to figure it out,
or force it to be something other than it is,
and instead just relax and appreciate it as it unfolds.
It’s simple: when we resist, we suffer.
When we withhold, we hurt our own heart.
True acceptance is a marvelous garden
where generosity can bloom and thrive.
Certainly, this world can seem to be
a harsh and inhospitable place,
but we can bring comfort to it.
What nobler purpose can there be in life,
but to lighten others’ burdens?
What greater enjoyment is there,
than for hearts to pour warmth into each other?
A drop of compassion
can bring wellsprings of gratitude.
Claim personal credit for it, however,
and it’s no longer true compassion,
but merely crafty self-promotion
in the earnest guise of mercy.
If we are to be wise,
we learn that which receives
is the same as that which is received,
for it receives nothing other than itself.
What we do for others
we really do for ourselves,
because there are no others,
there is only this infinite presence,
appearing in the form of each one of us.
When this is understood,
there can be no question about giving,
not just because there is nothing we can truly own,
but even more, because there is only one Being,
giving and receiving Itself, throughout eternity.
Don’t ever doubt, that One is You.

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