A kind of gravity pulled us down.
It is futile now to cuss and complain.
We saw something shiny, and so we wanted
to move closer, close enough to get a better look,
perhaps to use our wonderful power to touch.
The natural forces did the rest,
an apple quivered and fell from a tree.
Swimming in bliss, feeding on bliss,
but suddenly we are walking a rocky road.
A cold wind is blowing, and although there is
an indefinable beauty to the scene, we are hungry,
and there are others stationed along the way
who compete with us for the meager nourishment.
They throw words at us, beliefs and promises,
but they also shoot needles, and tear at life with knives.
Remember it was your idea, nobody dragged you here.
The wise refrain from the temptation to blame externals —
the gods, the parents, teachers, the cumulative causal chain.
It all conspires to fulfill your desire, the grand totality
simply wants to please you, so pay attention
to your choices — they have consequences.
Know what you really want, before wandering off
and trapping yourself in your own conflicted designs.
The imagination is a magic power, but in the hands
of mad children, it can forge a serious catastrophe.
That said, how is it for those drawn down here?
It began as a thought, perhaps an innocent curiosity —
we saw something shiny, and gravity did the rest.

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