Looking Out

Rather than speculating about whether or not Gautama
the Buddha has gone as far as one can go, why not
ride along with him and find out for oneself?
Wherever one of us goes, the whole universe goes with us.
When we climb to the top of our lives, we find everyone
waiting there, even if we seem to be standing alone.
Over in the shadows, we may be overheard gossiping
about the questionable way certain people are behaving,
unaware that we ourselves are the ones in question.
There are still clear nights when we can recline and gaze
out at the stars, but so few understand that the vast sky
itself is perpetually shining brightly within us.
It’s alright if we sometimes feel lost and confused.
It’s alright if we try on lots of different suits and shoes.
Even if we’ve already eaten, we can still sit at God’s Table.
When we find our place there, we will look to see who else
is seated with us. Even though everyone has their own
shining face, it is only God looking out of their eyes.
I have a place marked in my holy book where everything
is explained in terms that anyone can follow. It says God is
closer than we imagine, reading these words along with us.

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