No Mystery

Wise ones say our deepest desire
is to finally be free of desire itself,
and yet here, standing heart to heart,
can we deny that what we really want
is simply to love and be loved as we are?
This yearning for deep intimacy
is a primordial longing – all of us feel
the ache of love, hear the siren call of love.
Everything is only love seeking for itself,
and finding itself in everything, everywhere.
Nothing at last is immune to love.
Even the burden of our intolerance
is but Love’s teasing play with itself
for the joy of intolerance dissolving in love.
Mystery begets love as love
begets Mystery – all for the sake
of its own pure enjoyment, reflected as
the flickering forms of you and I and everything.
It’s the simple innocent truth of our being,
prior to any adventure of knowledge or acquisition:
we were meant for each other, to encourage the Shine
in each of us to expand in all directions to infinity.
Love’s presence is our own primordial nature —
it contains all the worlds, appearing and vanishing
simultaneously with us in the mystery of speechless love.
The illusion of separation is just that.
Love will always exceed its own illusions,
though some might imagine otherwise,
as a way to test the power of love
in the face of doubt and fear.
What remains when all imagination
is itself at last outshone by love, but love?
Unless informed by a steady, selfless love
forged and focused in the furnaces of life as it is,
even the most profound wisdom is rendered impotent.
When we are humbled enough in life’s crucible
to finally relinquish our resistance to “what is”,
“what is” reveals itself as only love.
The utter blamelessness of all existence
is difficult for the limited mind to understand.
Likewise, the awesome spirit mechanics
of the universe forming itself into the expression
of each one of us is beyond comprehension,
and yet at the heart, love is no mystery.

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