Not One of Us

When first light seeps through the great dome
of this floating aviary, the unified field of darkness
seems to divide itself into individual objects.
The tree separates itself from the speckled bird,
the rose bush from the sticky blackberry bramble,
the fence from the green lizard poised on a post,
unaware that a feral cat has been stalking it.
Depending on whether one is in love or not,
everything can seem like a gift of pure delight
or just another day of unrequited yearning.
Beyond the extremes of before or after,
this mystery existence which so beguiles us:
isn’t it really more like a mirage or an illusion,
and the light and darkness, aren’t they really
like beautiful masks, and men and women,
aren’t they simply luminous spheres?
Here is another secret that may be true:
behind all of this apparent manifestation
there is something gently reaching right now
through the flimsy constructs of time and space
to touch us and draw us closer and closer, until
there is no longer any distance between us.
Not one of us will turn away,
no one will resist.

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