Only Way

When I first heard about all of the sorrow
in the world, all of the pain and injustice,
a flaming arrow pierced me at the heart.
In my mind, it seemed so unfair. I pondered
who or what was responsible for the agony
and suffering appearing all around me.
When it finally became too much to bear,
I went out and climbed a mountain, where
I raised a long loud cry to the sky above.
For some while all was quiet, then I saw
the sky itself become an enormous mirror,
within which I recognized myself reflected.
There I was, wielding many deadly weapons
and making war across the land, century
after century, in every kind of guise.
I witnessed myself alone — lying, stealing,
perpetrating every kind of cruelty and
selfish act, and feeling no remorse.
I fell down on my knees in bitter shame.
As I did, the great sky mirror vanished,
leaving only a rainbow in its wake.
The truth which I was kindly shown
had been right here, from the very start:
the only way to heal the world is first to heal
the open wound we carry with us at the heart.

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