Poetry of Evanescence

Beyond beliefs and notions,
let the lilt and waft of suchness
sift through the spacious sky of mind
without any restriction, filling the hollow
flute of existence with the exquisite notes
of a music no words can possibly explain.
Wordless and wondrous, innocent and free —
such music has never been the problem,
only the effort to name and claim
spawns the futile game
of “me and mine”.
with a seamless smear
of sunset light emblazoned on
a blue and burgundy background,
the dusk sky paints itself with the lyrical
poetry of evanescence — my beginning
and end in one effortless flash,
one elegantly crafted streak:
a tapestry of timelessness,
light out of mind, the subtle wisp
of a still-breathing something,
gently exhaling . . .
Bereft of any words for this,
the lingering light of day bows out.
Leaning back beneath the stars,
gently streaming steady tears,
happy to be home again,
harbored in the heart,
I’m bowing back.

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