Softly Pounding

A thin slice of moon skates a midnight horizon
as pines drip wet snow beneath blossoming star-fields.
Years, lifetimes of sitting through nights like tonight,
body propped against a tree, heart-eyes tuned to sky views,
palms open, receptive, yearning for what was never absent —
I embarked on this journey in a kind of trance,
wandering like a sleep-walker from room to room
in a phantom temple, only to arrive at last
where I once began: in a dream,
a dream of moonshine . . .
Vague memories surface and just as soon dissolve,
until a drop of melting presence splashes my head
and runs down my cheek in a gift of sky grace.
Such glad tears may be served chilled, and yet
their liquid intervention is never unwelcome.
A wet rhythm of omni-directional ecstasy sings tonight
in the syncopated melodies of everything melting,
melding in an aural rapture that life wants me to hear,
hear in the very same way it hears and knows itself.
I listen, astonished, to the living Mystery chanting,
expounding the perfection of everything changing.
Joining me here tonight, as they often do,
are two old companions from along the way:
happiness and sorrow.
Neither agreeing nor disagreeing now
with what they say, I just remain present
in the midst of this timeless majesty–
my warm heart softly pounding.
A slight breeze picks up from the north,
then vanishes back into its source.
When I cease my daydreaming
and listen with my whole being
it’s unmistakably clear:
from the great vault of the heavens
and all across this shining land,
everything drips with joy!

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