Tao of Love

There is only Tao.
Tao and you are not two.
One might say that Tao is Love.
What we truly love, we already are.
Throughout the vast multiverse
there is only Love, and that which
has yet to recognize itself as Love.
That’s the secret of loving –
recognizing itself as every form;
every form recognizing itself as Love.
Love is all that matters!
Even the profound truth of Emptiness
is simply Love’s playful functioning
in dreamscapes of existence
and non-existence.
The Tao of Love
is known only by Love.
It’s not any other kind of knowing.
At last, it is not even a knowing.
It’s the living rhythm of Love’s expression
through the cavalcade of consciousness
appearing as everyone and everything.
There is a paradox:
being Love itself, still,
we persist in the search of Love.
Just so, to learn what we really are,
we must first discard all that we’re not.
It’s not as difficult as one might imagine —
first see all as oneself, then let go of oneself.
What remains is Tao,
and Tao and you are not two.
Form reflects its essence,
but essence is too bright to see.
To discover one’s true essence,
all of light’s varied and fleeting reflections
must yield at last to their own brilliant source.
The living source of light is Love.
Tao is Love, but not as an object
which we can seek, grasp, or know.
It’s what makes all of that possible.
That‘s the beauty of Love –
it’s perpetual creative revelation.
If one examines their own mind
and sees nothing but the transparency
of Love’s pure and timeless innocence,
a mighty mercy has already been granted,
and dark clouds of resistance evaporate
in the sheltering sky of compassion.
Still, a portrait of fire doesn’t warm bones,
nor do poems of summer push peonies
through winter’s ice and snow.
Don’t linger . . . anywhere.
Craving nothing, turning nothing away,
just keep on walking straight ahead
and confirm directly for yourself –
Tao and you are not two!

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