The Family Peace

Most seekers exacerbate their itching,
restlessly scrutinizing the esoteric maps,
studiously pondering stubborn conundrums,
weighing the merits of the most recent advice
from that latest dispenser of fee-based wisdom.
Honestly, what’s so damn difficult
about simply standing still and watching
this awesome luminosity rise and fall
in synchronous natural harmony?
The more one fusses with methods and notions,
the further one roams from their own cozy hearth.
Conniving with alchemy’s elixirs and potions,
plotting various strategies and spiritual schemes,
such determined jugglers mainly end up fouling
their own native nest with complex concepts
that won’t let them rest.
All night long, over and over,
they persist in disturbing the family peace
with pointless droning debates, poisoning the air
with the stale breath of borrowed opinions, while
stifling the nightingale’s melancholy sonority.
Were they to hush for a moment
and open their ears – to listen, true,
to that soulful sound – perhaps they’d finally
close the dusty book of notions and let the relatives relax.

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