The Form Body

Morning, we unfurl out into the world again
and wander, curious, through our new creation.
Every step may be both a victory and a sorrow
although we find no satisfaction in either idea.
How graciously then are we taken by the hand
and shown everything, no effort is required.
We sigh or smile as if we’ve understood
but we don’t, not yet, how could we?
We momentarily cling to remnants of the dream,
maybe it was so entrancing that we want to stay
a little asleep, although the sky is beckoning.
See, the whole scene is coming to life, vibrating
at the perfect pitch and frequency to draw us in.
Seamlessly, we merge into ourselves
with no part divided from the rest.
This is how all things will find themselves in us
and we will find ourselves in all things.
This is how it is going to be for each of us
when we enter the body and begin to breathe.

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