The Night’s Embrace

I recline beneath the streaming stars
as a smiling moon serenely sails
across the soft-lit screen of sky.
If I listen very closely
I can almost hear it sigh.
Many hidden friends are quietly illumined
by this sky lover’s beaming glance –
perhaps some ones who were forsaken,
who could use a second chance.
If anyone is feeling alone and unloved,
it won’t be the fault of this moon!
And yet, this lunar benediction
may remain a mere tantalizing rumor
for those who are deaf to the yearnings
of their deepest heart, and so sleep on
in their own mind-made cocoon.
Even so, while their thoughts
are occupied elsewhere, its light
will quietly meander through the pores
of their skin, gently touching the secret place
which is waiting ever patiently within.
Now, smeared luxuriously across the valley below,
this spreading luminescence settles every wisp of wind
and hushes any cry of woe-begotten hearts.
In a soliloquy of silence, sparse and true,
it sheds its passing fancy on drunks like me,
madly grinning, afloat on potent draughts
of such intoxicating moonshine.
A choir of fellow inebriates,
glad bearers of the night’s delight,
are inclined beyond mind to hum along
to the moon’s sweet song as if nothing else matters,
perhaps in the same way nothing matters to the lover
at rest in the arms of their beloved, spent from a night
of union’s passion, suddenly stunned wide awake
by the awesome breaking majesty of dawn.
My hands are folded across my chest,
and it appears as if I am flying into myself.
These eyes glow like white-hot coals,
stoked by the fire-fed furnace in my heart.
Sizzling electrons pulse incendiary
along thread-thin inner boulevards, flashing
hot codes from some extinguished solar system.
If anyone wants off this ship
they had better make that leap today,
since once we’ve cast off from the known
there’ll be nothing more for a fool to say.
Rustling sounds in the dim background
speak volumes more than words can say,
provoking grins of madness now
at the sorcery of the Night
in its nocturnal play.
Leaving the physical shell behind,
I’m drawn upward in a reverie of flight —
the earth below just a pale blue dot
in the dark immensity of night.
Now a fractal point of light, gone beyond
both hope and fear, I’m traveling on a wave
of thought through a vastness that contains
all flashing things, all stars and moons
that shine and disappear.
Nor is this light mind truly mine,
I’m simply that which life dreams up
to sing its song on the stage of itself
and then recede like the setting moon
back unto that traceless place –
the awake aware space of infinite grace
that holds us all in Love’s embrace.
But as we swoon in Her moonlit kiss
it seems that I have been amiss.
I might have mentioned from the start:
I am the beat of your own heart.

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