Nothing More

“Even if you succeed in being the owner of a trillion worlds,
unless you can curtail your plans from within with the feeling
that nothing more is needed, you will never know contentment.”

~Longchen Rabjam

Here is a true miracle of the natural world:
a bare stick protruding from the quiet earth
suddenly blossoms with fresh green leaves!

Mostly, we pass right by without even noticing.
Our incessant wanting has narrowed our vision,
cast a hard shell of blindness around our heart.

This is the paradox: the perfect seeks perfection,
yet can never become what it already is, regardless
of how long it searches, or how much it accumulates.

A life force animates every creature in the universe,
it’s the vital energy of pure desire which illuminates
the galaxies with untold billions of fire-fed stars.

Call it Love or call it God, but this divine life force
wants to do something with us, to magnify itself
through us to the point of full self-awareness.

But stop for a moment, stand still and feel
with all of your senses — already all around us,
nature without reserve reveals the great perfection!

There is nothing we can do to make it more perfect
than it already is, nor is there any way to manipulate
life to achieve what we imagine will satisfy us at last.

All we need do is step out of the way, allow that force
of life, of love, to live us without fear or limitation,
and let our soul blossom with fresh green leaves.

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