Don’t Say It

You glance up to see the day begin,
then slip back into the still pool —
mind without a thought ripple,
clear transparency, suchness.

There is nothing to free, fix, or fear
except that trickster, imagination,
makes it so — the world is not
out there, self is not in here.

To trap yourself in the endless limbo
of fools who just slog around in circles
from life to life, try cutting off the mind.

It’s the mind that seeks to pacify the mind.
Instead of trying to crush the ego, banish
desire, sever attachment, just leave
the mind alone, let it settle.

This heart advice is from you to yourself.
If you turn around now, nobody is there,
nobody is watching, none are judging.

Radiance, pristine spaciousness, vastness —
don’t such terms seem empty, beside the point?
Instead of trying to describe or explain, just be.

Without reliance on beads, bells, or diagrams,
incantations, prostrations, or abstruse texts,
relax, see it all appearing and vanishing
in perfect harmony — don’t speak.

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